Email details Toronto Hydro’s likely involvement with battery-electric-bus project

A July 27, 2017, email from Mike Macas that Rosemary Frei obtained from the TTC via a Freedom of Information request contains Mike’s notes from a meeting he and Bem Case had with Toronto Hydro officials earlier that day.

Among the information in the email is the following:

– TTC advised TH that RFI will be released to the industry for interest on BEB trials; TTC would optimally like
to run 1-2 trials
– TTC advised that Arrow Rd may not be the ideal location to run a study from when considering visibility and
desire to spread technology throughout the city; possibility of deadheading from 1 location to key routes was
– TTC advised that for September board meeting we will be requesting permission to reallocate $25M in funds
from approved capital bus procurement program to fund new tech pilots
– TH advised that investments in any pilots would be business driven and their ultimate goal is to manage
peak demand
– TH advised that TH’s letter of commitment for CUTRIC supercluster bid indicated a $5-$22M investment
– TH Preliminary Modelling – Cannot operate 10 BEB’s out of Arrow Rd; estimate max to be 8 BEB’s utilizing
staggered (smart) charging methods and up to 2 buses charging simultaneously
o Exceeding 8 buses would require significant/costly infrastructure upgrades
o Current transformer nearby Arrow has max cap of 1,00kVA & winter loads at Arrow were found to be
530kVA during peak between 10PM-2AM
o TH advised that infrastructure upgrades required should not drive TTC’s decision making for quantity
of BEB’s to pilot; TH would find a way to support regardless
– TH is interested in BEB battery after-life for stationary applications & want to know what is left in battery life
after life on a bus
o TH proposed replacing some batteries on BEB’s in pilot early to study
– TH advised that TH owning/supplying/financing/leasing BEB batteries is possible
– TH Jack mentioned old project in which TH approached TTC with proposal to install roof-top solar panels but
no traction

Author: TorontoniansForTransparency

Torontonians seeking accountability and transparency.

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